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Supported Sheltered Housing
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The resident charge covers rent, food, heat and light, services support, and maintenance.

All costs are covered with the exception of personal telephone, clothes, toiletries and other personal items.

Abbeyfield & Wesley manage 17 supported sheltered houses located in Ballycastle, Ballyclare, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Banbridge, Bangor (3), Carrickfergus, Donaghadee (2), Downpatrick, Greenisland, Holywood, Lurgan, Newtownabbey and Portstewert.

An older person, particularly those who no longer feel able to cope or do not wish to live at home.

Application packs are available from any of the houses or can be requested from Central Office Tel: 028 9336 3558 or Email: info@abbeyfieldandwesley.org.uk.

Or contact one of our Housing & Support Managers at the Central Office.

A Housing & Support Manager will meet with the applicant, either in their current residence or in the Abbeyfield House.

We are not registered to provide personal care in Supported Sheltered Housing, but a care package can continue in Abbeyfield & Wesley as it would in their own home.

We do not administer medication but can prompt residents to take their medication and assist them to order prescriptions. Or a care package can be put in place.

In Supported Sheltered Housing we can usually accommodate residents in the early stages of dementia. Support Managers have all received dementia awareness training.

Due to the age range of residents, inevitably, vacancies arise unexpectedly. A house which is full one month can have several vacancies the next, or those on a waiting list have gone to alternative accommodation. Therefore it is always best to enquire or complete an application to go on the waiting list.

Generally, pets cannot be accommodated in supported sheltered housing.

Each request is considered on a case for case basis taking account of issues such as the layout of the house, ability of the resident to care for the pet, any health and safety issues.

Rooms in supported sheltered housing are aimed at single occupancy, however, if two rooms become available you can use one as a bedroom and one as a living room.

The rooms come carpeted and painted. Residents furnish to their own taste.

Sheltered Housing
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The weekly charge includes rent, rates, services and support.

Anyone who is over 60 years of age may apply.

All allocations are made through the Northern Ireland Housing Executive's Common Selection Scheme Waiting List. Applications forms can be obtained from Abbeyfield & Wesley or the Housing Executive.

Abbeyfield & Wesley can only provide support, however, you can have a domiciliary care package arranged through the local health trust.

The availability of accommodation varies from week to week.

It is always best to enquire or complete an application form to go on the waiting list.

Each request is considered on a case for case basis taking account of issues such as the layout of the house and suitability to have the pet in question, potential nuisance to other tenants, any health and safety issues.

Care Home
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The charge covers rent, food, services and care.

All costs covered with the exception of clothes, personal toiletries, private telephone, hairdresser and other items of a luxury or personal nature.

Admission to the home can be by referral from a Social Worker or Care Manager, or by self-referral.

Applicants on the waiting list will be assessed, or re-assessed, when a vacancy occurs and priority given to those in greatest need of the care provided in Palmerston.

Unrestricted visiting of residents is encouraged, although it is preferable if mealtimes are avoided.

Yes, residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms with their own furniture, photographs, mementoes and other personal items.