About Us

Enhancing the lives of older people

Operating as a charity and with a volunteer management board, Abbeyfield & Wesley believes it is important that quality services are offered for affordable living and that any surpluses are reinvested back into services provided.

The overarching philosophy of the Abbeyfield movement is contained in the Abbeyfield Guiding Principles (below).

A commitment has been made to The Dementia Pledge to demonstrate that Abbeyfield & Wesley cares about developing the staff’s understanding of dementia, adapting the service to meet the needs of the person living with dementia, and providing excellent dementia care services.

The philosophy is to treat each resident with dignity and respect and encourage as much independence as possible whilst ensuring individual care needs are met.


The four Principles of the Dementia Pledge are:

  1. Know the person;
  2. Quality care, quality life;
  3. Everybody has a leadership role; and
  4. Value focused care.


Abbeyfield Guiding Principles

Abbeyfield believes:

  • Older people have an important role to play amongst their families, friends and in the community;
  • Overcoming loneliness and insecurity can make all the difference to an older person’s well-being and quality of life; and
  • Local people have an essential part to play in helping older people in the community.